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FREC 3 1As a Qualsafe approved education provider, regulated by Ofqual, CIPHER Medical offers a large range of nationally recognised education and training programmes. The first of our Spotlight series gives all the information you need about FREC 3: QA Level 3 First Response Emergency Care (RQF) 

FREC 3 is one of a suite of Prehospital Care qualifications delivered by our qualified team of professionals, and it can be a first step to a rewarding pre-hospital medical career, providing learners with the practical competencies and knowledge and skills needed to deal with a range of pre-hospital emergency care situations.  

The qualification is specifically designed for those seeking a career in the emergency services, ambulance service, those working in high-risk environments, and is especially useful for those wishing to work in the events medical sector. 

FREC 3 2The training takes place over five days and is delivered by fully qualified paramedics and out-of-hospital educators that are engaging and creative in their approach. We use state-of-the-art equipment and learning environments, including our specially designed training facility that is stocked with industry-leading simulation and training equipment, and our immersive classroom, featuring simulation suite – all to put you ‘right into the action’.   

By simulating real-world scenarios, you will get the opportunity to react to challenging environments and to practise your newly acquired skills and knowledge. 

There are three components to complete:  

  • Component 1: Patient Assessment and Management: understanding the roles and responsibilities of a first responder; assess an incident; assess and manage patients in both life-threatening and non-life-threatening conditions; assess and manage a patient’s airway; manage unresponsive patient; safely use and maintain an external defibrillator; administer emergency oxygen. 
  • Component 2: Emergency Trauma: assess and manage trauma patients, bleeding, chest injuries, compromised circulation, wounds and eye injuries, burns or scalds, poisoning; head, spinal, musculoskeletal injuries. 
  • Component 3: Focused Emergency and Urgent Care: identify and manage patients experiencing breathing difficulties, anaphylaxis, suspected major illness, convulsions, environmental exposure. 

frec 3 3Here at CIPHER Medical, we pride ourselves on the expertise and professionalism of our team: all our instructors are current clinical practitioners so this means that you will benefit from the most up-to-date medical knowledge and training. Our Head of Education and Research, Chris Moat, is keen to highlight the benefits of this training, stating, “FREC 3 is an excellent introduction to the world of pre-hospital emergency care, which can lead to rewarding employment in various areas, and is particularly valuable to those considering a future career in events medical provision. I’m very proud of our high level of instructor expertise and the knowledge and experience they bring to their role as educators.”  

frec 3 4Part of a progressive pathway of courses, FREC 3 is the entry-level stage of the First Responder Emergency Care pathway and you can, if you wish to qualify further, go all the way through the qualification stages, up to Level 6 (Diploma in Paramedic Practice), successful completion of which will allow you to apply for registration as a paramedic. 

Endorsed by The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care – The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and fulfilling the competencies set out in the PHEM skills framework at descriptor level D, FREC 3 is perfect for you if you want to work in the prehospital medical sector.  


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4/3/24 to 8/3/24

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9/9/24 to 13/9/24 

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