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CIPHER Biography

CIPHER Medical was founded by co-owner Andy Thomas after he left the Royal Air Force in late 2015. The aim of CIPHER medical was to Deliver the highest standards of clinical care both to the event medical industry and to the National Health Service. All members of the team share this passion for both patient care and education based around our Vison and Mission Statement. This is enabled through all staff by our core values.

Vision Statement

CIPHER Medical will work together as a team in the spirit of collaboration, teamwork and a drive for excellence. By working on behalf of our clients and partners we aim to positively impact all the lives we touch. We aim to grow in scope at all levels taking the whole team with us always. By providing high quality people, equipment and standards we will deliver high quality care.

Mission Statement

CIPHER Medical aims to provide a safe and effective service which centres on patient care. This will be supported by a holistic organisational approach in which exceptional clinical standards and improved patient care form the corner stone of our ethos. We aim to excel above standards and believe in improving care by involving patients, staff and management in decisions.

Openness & Accountability

CIPHER Medical will have a culture of openness and accountability without blame to individuals. We will admit errors or areas requiring improvement free from fear in the knowledge, support will be giving and improvements in patient care developed. By developing positive critical appraisal, we will continue to drive our standards.


CIPHER Medical is a private health care and training provider and we should take pride in the support we provide to all our patients. We accept the privilege of treating patients in all environments and take pride in our logo which stands for high quality patient focused care. We shall take pride as both individuals and as a team.

Respect & Dignity

CIPHER Medical will treat all our patients, students, customers and colleagues with the utmost respect and dignity. We will act together as a team and as individuals to ensure our values in the difficult and challenging Pre-Hospital environment are upheld.

Everything Counts

CIPHER Medical believes everything we do counts no matter how big or small. By treating all our actions with enthusiasm, passion and with ideals of excellence we will touch our patients lives in a positive way. By approaching every situation with a everything counts approach, we will impact our patients, in the most positive ways.

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