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Hayfever Treatment Services

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woman sneezing in a field with hayfever

As the spring and summer roll around once more, the sun is starting to shine and the weather is getting warmer – even here in the North East of England! While it’s something that most people look forward to with anticipation, for sufferers across the North East, the beginning of hayfever season makes this time of year a misery.

If you suffer from those all-too-familiar unpleasant symptoms like sore eyes, sneezing, a runny nose, and a foggy head, you almost certainly find that hayfever has a negative impact on your daily life.

There are a number of solutions on the market and the team here, based in the North East of England, at CIPHER Medical are able to offer consultations to find the right treatment for you.

For those with particularly severe symptoms that don’t respond well to traditional medicines, our clinicians may be able to offer alternative treatments following a consultation. These alternative treatments can be administered either before the hay fever season starts or at any time after your symptoms have appeared.

If you are aged 18 and over and would like to explore your treatment options book an appointment for our hay fever clinic where our qualified practitioners will discuss the list of inclusion and exclusion criteria with you before deciding if you are eligible for an alternative treatment.

How Do I Book My North East England Hayfever Treatment?

Use our booking platform to book direct with our practitioners. We serve the needs of patients across the North East of England from our base in Stockton-on-Tees, and we are on hand to help you determine what treatment is the right option for you and offer you the treatment that you need to get the most out of the summer months without suffering.

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“We are really excited to be working with CIPHER medical. The CIPHER team brings with them a wealth of experience and knowledge and will be working closely with us to provide top class medical cover at our events. CIPHER are an innovative and exciting company that allows Tough Mudder to adapt quickly to change while also ensuring the safety of our participants”

Liz Fisher, European Operations Director, Tough Mudder.

On a very cold February weekend, Andy and Chris, Managing Director and Head of Education for CIPHER Medical Consultancy were invited to Woodlore, the first School of Wilderness and Bushcraft established by Ray Mears in 1983.

The expert instructors at Woodlore teach bushcraft skills such as shelter building, fire starting, tree and plant recognition and much more, such as navigation skills, wilderness survival and cooking with wild food. Although delegates are closely supervised and expertly tutored, as with any responsible company working with members of the public it is important that their tutors are trained in first aid and essential life-saving skills.

“We take our medical cover very seriously, and the well-being of our runners is paramount to the success of our events. Working with CIPHER medical ensures we have the highest standards of medical care onsite, based on quality care for all runners.”

Steve Cram CBE, Events Of The North.
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