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As CIPHER Medical continues to grow, so does the committed team of professionals driving the success of the service. Recently appointed People & Culture Lead, Rita Aboudiwane is no stranger to medical services provision, having worked for medical and urgent care service providers internationally before moving to the UK. 

Rita Aboudiwane - IndiaA talented and well-qualified professional, Rita holds a BA in business management and a master’s degree in human resources management from Notre Dame University, Lebanon. She has worked for much of her career in the Middle East, fulfilling roles in senior business and HR management primarily in healthcare in addition to the engineering, education and consultancy sectors. Always one for travel and adventure, Rita has also worked with various government entities and partners in the UK, the Philippines, Jordan, and Tunisia, recruiting and deploying healthcare workforces. The move to the UK is Rita’s latest challenge and one in which she has already made her mark, bringing her expertise and versatility to CIPHER Medical.   

As her track record shows, Rita has an excellent understanding of the needs and priorities of an organisation to seek out, recruit and support the best talent there is, guiding and aligning its people to the strategic direction of businesses, while building a culture of welfare and support to people. Not an easy balance to strike, but Rita ensures that both the needs of the business and the needs of people are met. “I am a people person,” she says, “I believe that every individual has a beautiful story. I love good energy and I don’t give up on people easily.” This is already very evident as Rita has become a popular and lively member of the team in a short space of time, instantly building up positivity and a great rapport with her colleagues. 

Rita Aboudiwane - DolphinsRita is a self-motivator who is driven by working in a fast-moving environment. She enjoys being challenged by complex and varied projects, developing teams, and making an impact in People’s lives. Rita prioritises ensuring that strategies are people-centred and that cultures evolve around well-being and growth – beliefs that are well-suited to the #OneTeam ethos at CIPHER Medical who are keen investors in people. She says, “When I met Andy and the team, I immediately felt comfortable. I love a good story so when Andy shared how CIPHER started out of his home garage, it resonated with me. Andy and the team’s strong dedication and commitment to CIPHER’s people and the community is remarkable. I knew I wanted to join the team and be part of CIPHER’s growth.”  

CEO of CIPHER Medical, Andy Thomas, has welcomed Rita’s appointment, saying, “We are delighted to have Rita on board. She has already hit the ground running, her dynamism fitting in well with our team. Our people are our strength and so we are very pleased to be joined by such a committed individual who shares the same ethos and goals. Furthermore, we hope to learn from Rita’s international experience and look for areas to develop and grow, due to the diverse cultural experiences Rita has in this area across the world”. 

Already very busy and active in her role – and enjoying it immensely – Rita welcomes being part of the energetic environment that is CIPHER Medical. Being part of a team that takes their duties and commitments seriously and to heart, she also recognises the familiarity and ease with which colleagues interact with each other.  Enthusiastically, she states, “I thrive on good energy, and this is exactly what I felt walking into CIPHER headquarters: people were happy and chatty; it felt like a big family.”  

Rita Aboudiwane - MangrovesAs well as her work, Rita is also a busy and hands-on mum to two daughters, who are adapting well to life in the UK. In fact, Rita and her family are seasoned travellers, with a track record of experiencing many different countries and cultures, both in work and leisure. Like everyone else, the family enjoys their time together on holiday. Their holiday pursuits fit in well with Rita’s enjoyment of an active lifestyle, which includes swimming and cycling. Rita’s family love the sun, the ocean, the outdoors, and, of course, the opportunity to taste and savour good food from around the world. Being a foodie, Rita enjoys cooking and entertaining in her own downtime. 

With her sense of adventure, justice and fairness, care for others and ability to adapt, Rita is a great addition to the team at CIPHER Medical and is relishing the opportunity to really make an impact, knowing that the work that the whole team does is worthwhile. Her own philosophy? “I believe that a person should never be boxed in; we can be everything we want to be.” Welcome aboard, Rita! 

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