FREC 4 – First Course Delivered at the new CIPHER Medical North East Educational Base

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A few weeks ago we delivered our first FREC 4 Course at our Stockton base since moving to our new home.  This followed the recent deliver of our FREC 3 course at the base and indeed we welcomed some of the students back to further develop their pre-hospital care knowledge and skills.  Our new training facilities are very supportive to student learning and in addition to our spacious and COVID Secure classroom facilities, the base allows us to use frontline ambulances to enhance the training experience and bring the scenarios to life.  This includes the use of extensive simulation equipment such as lifelike SIMBODIES, and SIMSLEEVES to bring the training experience to life.  We will also be adding to these training facilities with an immersive suit in the coming weeks.

IMAGE: FREC 4 Assisting the Paramedic Scenario 

FREC 4 Assisting the Paramedic

This FREC 4 Course is part of a series of Qualsafe professional ambulance qualifications which allow students to progress from medical responder, Emergency Care Assistant, Technician and eventual the potential to Paramedic.  These qualifications are used widely in the event medical industry and ambulance sector and provide benchmarks for grades of staff.  These courses closely align with the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Cares (FPHC) competency framework. With the FREC 4 course been closely aligned to Level E on the FPHC Competency framework and FREC 3 sitting at level D.

IMAGE: FREC 4 Trauma Scenario 


assisting paramedic in action FREC 4 Trauma Scenario

One key marker of a courses success and delivery is driven by the student feedback.  We were delighted that all students left 5-star feedback for the FREC 4 course and some of their comments are below:


“An absolutely amazing course with great facilities and simulation equipment.”


“Excellent training course. Great practical and scenarios using Emergency Ambulances and good quality medical equipment.”


“Amazing course, content and live equipment used along with SIMBODIES (so lifelike too) great scenario’s that really do put you in the moment. Thank you.

Cassie Wilson 

“Excellent standard of training, very real-life stimulation. Both trainers were very knowledgeable and were able to relate to real life situations. The SIMBODIES that were used were excellent too.


“Excellent course thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the FREC4.  Amazing facilities.  Very professional trainers.”

As you can see the above feedback reflects the enjoyment the students had with the professional and credible instructors in a training environment designed to enhance the student experience.  Should you wish to start a career in the event medical or ambulance sector then the FREC system is a great place to start.  Should you wish to book on a future course you can do so by clicking the links below:

FREC 3 – QA Level 3 First Response Emergency Care (RQF

Click here to book FREC 3 

FREC 3 Course Description:
The QA Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (RQF) (FREC 3) is a regulated and nationally recognised qualification specifically designed for those seeking a career in the emergency services, ambulance service, the event and security medical sector or those who work in high-risk workplaces.  Over a 5 day period, Learners will gain the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to deal with a range of Prehospital care emergencies, such as:

  • managing a patient’s airways
  • catastrophic bleeding
  • management of fractures
  • medical emergencies
  • and more

Endorsed by The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and fulfilling the competencies set out in the PHEM skills framework at descriptor level D, this fantastic qualification is perfect for a range of roles in emergency care, such as Event Medical Responder and Emergency Care Support Worker.

CIPHER Medical uses experienced and appropriately qualified paramedic and out of hospital educators, with state of the art equipment, in a realistic learning environment to ensure learners get the best possible learning and simulation as close as possible to real-life clinical practice.

FREC 3 Course Overview: FREC 3 Overview PDF

FREC 4 QA Level 4 First Response Emergency Care (RQF)

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As the next step for those who have completed the FREC 3 course, this qualification provides learners with a wider scope of practice in Pre-hospital care emergencies.  Thus allowing for greater employment opportunities such as Emergency Care Assistant within the independent and NHS ambulance sector.   It is also ideal for those who are looking to work within specialist roles in the military, police and fire services.

FREC 4 Course Overview: FREC 4 Overview PDF

Should you want anymore information about these courses email our education team at

At CIPHER Medical we pride ourselves on “Delivering clinical care and education with distinction”.

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