CIPHER Paramedic Educator Deploys on Military Support Operations with Royal Air Force (RAF)

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CIPHER Medical is proud to possess the Employee Recognition Scheme: Silver Award, for the support we give our military veterans and reservist employees.

Aaron, one of our Paramedic Clinical Educators’, is currently deployed with the Royal Air Force thanks to his engagement as a member of RAFAux 4626 Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron. Whilst at the British Army Training Unit in Kenya, he is an asset to the Forward Aeromedical team. Having spent a total of 9 months away, he will be due to re-join us in June 2022.

Since Aaron joined us in April 2021, CIPHER Medical have provided Aaron with paid time off, unpaid flexible training time and clinical support to take his skillset from Civilian Paramedic to fully qualified Medical Emergency Response Team member. Completing one of the most respected and hardest medical courses in the military. His training comprised of three medical training courses as well as the helicopter emergency under water escape training and blood donation supply and storage course, just to name a few.

His role consists of being the autonomous practitioner when transporting potentially critically ill patients from training zones to hospital. The tasking’s can range from simple transfers of stable medical patients, where it would be inappropriate to travel by road, to the administration of blood and life-saving interventions in critical care situations. During this period, Aaron and the team have already conducted many missions and transported these patients by air to the appropriate hospital.

Aaron had this to say about his time so far at CIPHER Medical.

“CIPHER Medical have been nothing but supportive of my ventures. With a leadership team who fully understand the importance of the transferrable skills and experience obtained when these opportunities arise, it makes juggling the two a breeze when other employers in the past have been less than helpful. It’s great to work alongside such experienced clinicians, within a multitude of disciplines and it’s reassuring to know that if you don’t know something, from ECGs to wound care and closure, you don’t have to search very far for the answer. As much as I am enjoying my time here, I can’t wait to get back and continue my journey.”

Our CEO and former RAF Paramedic Andy Thomas had this to say:

“Aaron has had the chance to serve his country and also will come back to use with an increased wealth of clinical and leadership capabilities.  Military training offers excellent development opportunities and myself and the wider team at CIPHER Medical are proud to have Aaron and other reservists, regular MOD and veterans working with us.”

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If you have any interest in the Royal Air Force Reserves or ask Aaron about his deployment e-mail him at and he’ll be happy to answer any questions.

In addition, you can also view the RAF Recruitment website at or email Flight Sergeant Mick Aynsley on

The team at CIPHER Medical are pleased Aaron has deployed to make a difference in support of our Armed Forces and we look forward to continuing our support to the MOD in the future.

We have included some pictures of Aarons experience including a speculator sand storm which forced Aaron and the team to land until the storm had passed.

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