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I am sat on the sofa tonight, late from work after yet another long day at work.  Reflecting on the lunch time minutes silence as the UK shines a light in remembrance of all those who have lost their lives in the UK as a result of COVID 19.

On the 23 March 2020 the reality hit us all when the Prime Minister announced the first national lockdown to stay at home.  We could never have predicted the total impact this global pandemic would have on all the people of the world.  The team at CIPHER Medical have spent the last 12 months working extremely hard providing extensive support to the NHS instead of spending times in muddy fields and supporting events.  As a team we have helped a huge number of patients along with our NHS colleagues, covered many miles on the road and provided many thousands of hours of hospital support.  Although a great source of pride in the support provided, we have greater pride in our people who have given this support on the frontline.  We aim to share some of those journeys over the coming weeks from those who have spent the last year during lockdown supporting the nations effort. We start with Adele’s story below who has made exceptional efforts to retrain, adjust, and provide outstanding support to #TeamCIPHER and the local response to COVID 19.  Below is Adele’s story in her own words.

airline stewardess on a plane

“Hi my name is Adele and I joined the CIPHER team at the beginning of December 2020.

I have been working for British Airways for the last 25 years as long haul cabin crew, a job I love and have felt lucky to have and that has seen me visit lots of beautiful places. When the COVID 19 pandemic hit one of my last trips was to Japan where the cruise ship that was struck down by the pandemic was docked, it felt really eerie seeing it there and the atmosphere in town and on those flights was very sombre. 

At this point I realised life was about to change. I found myself grounded, and I like everyone felt frightened of what the future might hold. Firstly, and most importantly how would we keep loved ones safe, whilst being filled with worry about the threat of redundancy.  I asked myself how would I keep the wolf from the door and a roof over mine and my daughters head …. I felt so thankful when furlough was introduced, and I could breathe a tiny sigh of relief.

employees providing refreshements for nhs workers

During the start of the first lockdown, I clapped weekly for our wonderful NHS hero’s and started to feel a sense of wanting to do something more, to play some small part rather than just being at home baking banana bread (I baked lots 😄) whilst on furlough.  It was then Project Wingman was born …a charity set up by cabin crew and pilots who were grounded, who wanted to help by setting up airline style lounges within hospitals across the country to look after our wonderful NHS staff so they could be spoilt with homemade baking and a cuppa during a well-earned break from the huge task of looking after ever-increasing patient numbers. 

I volunteered to support this worthy cause and It was whilst volunteering at James Cook hospital on Project Wingman and chatting to lots of the NHS doctors, nurses, paramedics, ambulance crews and all the other staff that I realised I wanted to make a difference and do something within the healthcare sector going forward.

team of volunteers helping the nhs

After 25 years of looking after passengers, I had accrued lots of transferable skills and experience in caring for people so when I saw the job for CIPHER Medical advertised, I jumped at the chance and applied. I was over the moon to get the job and couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

I absolutely love working for CIPHER , such a great team of positive professional people all with the same goal of providing the best possible care.

I have loved taking the elderly or vulnerable for their COVID vaccinations often being the only person they had seen in months and listening and chatting to them and reassuring them along the way, taking patients for appointments or taking patients home from hospital making sure they are delivered safely and checking they are comfortable with a cup of tea or coffee before leaving them at home …. of course, it’s the hostess in me 😂😁

I’m really enjoying doing something that can make a difference to someone’s health journey and that is so very rewarding.  I have no idea what the future holds but its been a great journey with #teamcipher and the #oneteam approach.”

I would like to thank Adele for sharing her story which is an inspiration of an individual who has adapted in difficult times and given her utmost in order to help others.  And I bet those patients have had a jolly good time in her company as she is such a caring individual, with an infectious and bubble personality. 

Adele is one of many of our fantastic people who have been providing support, working long hours and always going that extra mile to provide NHS support.  Our people have been truly amazing standing shoulder to shoulder with our NHS colleagues who have all worked tirelessly in providing the best possible care to patients.  I cannot thank Adele and all our other staff enough for the effort, sacrifice and care they have provided and hopefully in a post COVID era, I very much look forward to buying each and every one of them a well-earned drink or 3.

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